Election Results of July 13th

HHGA’s Annual General Membership Meeting was held 13 July 2006 at 7 pm.  There were 22 in attendance: 17 members and 5 non/lapsed members.  The latter being only temporarily lapsed, of course!  The following actions were taken at the meeting:

Election Results for the 2016-2018 Term

  • President – Timothy Sanders
  • Vice President Competitive Events – Kelly Jamison
  • Recording Secretary – Courtney Burns Wyatt
  • Director at Large Position #2 – Norman Crawford
  • Director at Large Position #3 – Heather Smith Vacker

Resolutions submitted for vote consideration:

  1. Dissolve HHGA by Fiscal Year ending 31 July 2016 and dispose of assets per Article XI Section 5 –Motion FAILED
  2. Continue HHGA with a revised operational format focusing on creating/supporting smaller events and gatherings throughout the year (e.g. highlighting St Andrew’s Day, Robert Burns birthday, Tartan Day, whisky/whiskey tastings).- Motion PASSED

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