The Houston Highland Games Association (HHGA) welcomes representation from all individuals, Clans, Societies and Organizations, as well as civic groups interested in the preservation of Celtic history and culture. We offer a full spectrum of world class talent and skills in an attempt to encourage both participation and appreciation for our Celtic heritage.

It is our hope that as our children and grandchildren reach far into the new millennium it will be to the music and stories of their ancients, with the skill of the learned and the energy of the young.

The Houston Highland Games Association (HHGA) is a 501 (c ) 3 charitable volunteer organization. We depend on individual and corporate participation, support and sponsorship.

If New Member, please fill out Membership Application. Then, return to this page to make payment.

HHGA Membership – Individual $15.00

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HHGA Membership – Couple $21.00

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HHGA Donation only (no new Membership)

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2 Responses to Membership

  1. Kathleen McGill says:

    How Scottish does one have to be to join?

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