HHGA Executive Advisory Council

Past Presidents:

Melvyn Douglass (2019-2022), (2010-2012), (2005-2008), 2003, (1985-1986)
Timothy Sanders (2017-2018)
Robert Allen (2016)
Becci Himes (2013-2015) 2009, 2004)
Doug Beaton (2001-2002)
Michael McClellan (1998-2000)
Gordon Sampson (1996-1997)
Margaret Mitchell (1994-1995)
Betty Mitchell (1993) – deceased 5/1/2019
Scott McDonald (1991-1992)
Laura Smith (1988-1990) – deceased 2/2/2013
Kevin Walsh (1987) – deceased 7/24/2016
Barbara Mabry (1984)
Gary Jaunal (1983)
Pauline Cusack (1981-1982) – deceased 11/14/2022

Life Members:

Katherine Finley (2/22/2023)
Donald E. Finley (3-8-2022)
Todd McGlauchlin (5-12-2006)
Emmett McCormick (1-9-2003) – deceased 6/4/2018
Heather Vacker (8-26-2002)
Rosemary Bunch (7-1-2002)
Barbara Brisch (5-30-2002)
Doug Beaton (6-20-2001)
Stephen McIntyre (3-1-2001)
Laura and Daniel Smith (prior to 7-10-1996) – Daniel deceased 12/23/2020
Scott and Nancy MacDonald (prior to 7-10-1996)
Mary Walker (8-1-1984) – deceased 10/16/2018

[Re: Article IV, Sections 5 and 9] “The Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors shall be elected by the majority of the Executive Advisory Council Committee from among the members of the Council. The Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors shall preside over meetings of the Board of Directors in the absence of the Chairman and shall serve on the Bylaws Committee and as the Chairman of the Financial Review Committee, the Public Relations Committee, and the Insurance Committee.”


2 Responses to HHGA Executive Advisory Council

  1. June McCarty says:

    Hi Melvyn,
    Will you be having your next game day in humble texas again this april of 2023?

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