HHGA Board of Directors


As of August 31, 2022, updated on 4/4/2023

Ron Ammons (Chairman/President 2022-2024)
-vacant – (Vice-President for Site Coordination 2021-2023) 
Jean Pirtle (Vice President for Ways & Means 2021-2023)
Heather Smith Vacker (Vice-President Competitive Events 2022-2024)
Robin McCord  (Recording Secretary 2022-2024)
Jeanette Douglass  (Membership Secretary 2021-2023)
Michelle Belanger  (Treasurer 2021-2023)
Max Triola (Director-at-Large, Position #1 2021-2023
-vacant (as of 4/4/2023) – (Director-at-Large, Position #2 2022-2024)
Sara Maberry – (Director-at-Large, Position #3 2022-2024)

Melvyn Douglass (Vice-chairman 2021-2023) – (per Advisory Council 12/7/2022)



1 Response to HHGA Board of Directors

  1. Great meeting you all yesterday; I joined post-meeting! Looking forward to helping out. Deb Mac.

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