The HHGA is a 501 (c ) 3 charitable volunteer organization. We depend on individual and corporate participation, support and sponsorship.  Corporate Sponsors are essential to the continuance of the Houston Highland Games, and in return, HHGA offers a unique opportunity for the corporate world to be involved in the preservation of Celtic, Texas and U.S. history and cultural arts.  HHGA values our many corporate and individual sponsors who have given both time, money and energy to the continuation of the Houston Highland Games, since 1971!

Sponsorship Opportunities for April 9th, 2022

Competitive Events (the following events are pending, contingent on the number of participants and donor support).  Total budgets follow for each.  Sponsors may donate the total cited or partial amounts.

  • Athletics $2500
  • Highland Dance $4500
  • Solo Piping & Pipe Bands $4500
  • Children’s Events $500

Non-competitive Events and Support

  • Entertainment Stage (rentals & performers) $ 2500
  • Administrative Support (printing, advertising) $3000
  • Site Support (HCC venue, security, EMS)

See THIS LINK for our 2022 Sponsorship Opportunities

See THIS LINK to Donate NOW!  Many thanks!

See THIS LINK to process payment via PayPal.


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