Survey Questions

This Survey is being sent to a) 33 current members, b) 119 past members, c) 257 Interested Persons who signed the website Volunteer tab.

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Urgent HHGA Survey Questions as of May 26th 2016

Houston Highland Games Association urgently invites you to consider the following survey questions. Although this is a very critical time in the history of HHGA, it is anticipated all issues will be addressed in an orderly, reasonable and friendly manner. Respond as your schedule permits; however, replies received prior to the June 1st phone conference would be most helpful.
Unless you provide your name, your responses are anonymous.
Questions regarding status and future of HHGA (check as many as may apply!)
  • Do you recommend dissolving HHGA by Fiscal Year ending 31 Aug 2016 and disposing of assets per Article XI Section 5? ______
  • Or, Will you plan to volunteer for a 2016-2017 Board or Committee position? ______
  • Will you plan to participate in a phone conference tentatively scheduled for 7 pm on 1 June 2016? ___________
  • Will you plan to attend the Annual General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, 13 July 2016 at 7pm? __________
  • If your dues are not current, will you plan to renew your membership by 13 July 2016? ______________
  • There is an immediate Board vacancy of Director-at-Large; will you volunteer to fill this position? ______________
  • There is an immediate Board vacancy of Vice-Chairman; will you volunteer to fill this position? (must be a past-president or Life Member) ____________
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Please provide any comments or questions you may have.
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